Closet Organization & Clean Out

Today I am sharing my closet organization tips and showing you some of my most special pieces! Hope you enjoy the video. Which piece was your favourite?

I’ve been having a rough week, feeling home sick and missing my family. But my clothes always bring me joy- so what better way to cheer up than to spend it organizing my closet! 

I typically switch out my clothes between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. That way, I get more space in my wardrobe to see the clothes that are relevant to the current. And your clothes always feel a nice surprise when you pull them out for the new season- we often forget what we have stored away. So it’s the perfect way to shop your own closet when the new season starts, instead of going on a fast-fashion shopping spree. 

Watch my video below for some tips and tricks, and to see some of my favorite garments in my wardrobe. 

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