My 2024 Wardrobe Goals

Here are my 2024 fashion goals! What’s yours?

Fashion goals for 2024 💫

→ Fabulosity even on the most mundane of days. We are all so guilty of saving our best outfits for special occasions, which never come. Leaving our best clothes to collect dust and live a life of boredom shoved in the back of our closets.

→ Better lounge wear. The clothes I wear at home chilling are downright shameful. I bought some patterns off Etsy and will be making my own high quality sweat suits to keep me cozy and warm at home.

→ Dress appropriate for the weather. I bought 2 cashmere sweaters this fall and they were NOT cheap. But they are currently my most worn pieces bringing the cost per wear down to about 10 dollars a wear, and lowering every day. I need more pieces like this for the rest of the winter!

→ Sew, sew sew! Last year, I started sewing my own t shirts, tanks and turtlenecks because I was looking for high quality basics with a good price. And I couldn’t find anything better than home made! Also, sewing with stretch was fun to learn. In 2024, I plan to upgrade to sewing my own PANTS.

→ Have more FUN. 2023 was a tough year with my Dad passing away, and I did not really leave the house much since then. But for the next year, I hope to eat more dinners, do more dancing, visit more places- and wear MORE OUTFITS!

What are your 2024 fashion goals ?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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