Fashion is a Transformative and Powerful Storyteller

“Cybil’s closet is so fun, she has a story for every item in there.” Not only do I love to wear clothes, I love to talk about them.

“Cybil’s closet is so fun, she has a story for every item in there.” It’s a true quote because not only do I love to wear clothes, I love to talk about them. What we choose to wear shapes our story to the world- a story that we are the authors of. Having style is having the opportunity to truly express oneself. Fashion is the second skin that we have the ability to choose. It evokes something inside that makes us want to talk about it- never underestimate the power of fashion.

Clothing can literally transform a person’s narrative. I love clothes that make me feel fabulous and extravagant (if you know- you know.) It is the narrative I create for myself even if my life does not feel so fabulous sometimes. With a good outfit and great makeup I feel like I can take over the world. Believe me when I tell you that on several occasions my outfit has been the only thing holding me together through some “constructive criticism” gone rogue.

When I know I look good- I feel even better. I have always found comfort in the glamorous world of fashion, and it’s transformative powers. It can give you that extra bit of confidence to stand a little bit taller, smile a bit wider and be a bit braver. Fashion becomes your armour.

Some may say it’s superficial to care about fashion- and to that, I say: we are visual creatures first and it would be a disservice to your human form if you deny to give yourself beautiful things in this life.

We do not all have to like the same clothes, but we must all wear something- so why not wear the ones that make you feel special?

With these thoughts, I leave you some pictures of me, feeling fabulous and ready for combat. Nothing says don’t mess with me like a collared shirt and an ostrich feather trim. I styled this top three different ways for three different moods. Which outfit was your favorite?

Now, my question to you is: What story do you tell with your fashion?

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  1. Such a great post Cybil!!! My fave is the first outfit…I love me some denim! And the ostrich trim 😍😍😍😍😍 Super fab 💓💓💓

  2. You have defninitely raised my curiosity, can’t wait to hear some of your closet stories. Fashion and expression is always even more fun when it comes with a story! 😍

  3. Cybil.. I also agree with you..everyone should have a style of their own. And a person’s style should be a telling sign of their story! My favorite outfit was the patchwork Jean skirt with the ostrich…so me!!

  4. My fashion says I’m in the mood for comfort, and I’m ready for bed at anytime of the day 😂
    Congratulations on your new creative outlet! You have always been so beautiful ❤️ Continue to shine with the ray of sun that lives inside your heart 😘

  5. All three beautiful! But favourite is one with boots. Just fun! Who knew a feathered cuff could be so versatile Looking forward to next blog!

  6. I always have private catwalks in my room with different outfits in the middle of the night. I always create amazing looks that I absolutely love but I’m just a little too shy to wear them to school😅 I always try to look good in public but it’s often very basic, I would love to wear more bold clothes tho and I’ll definitely work on it💪🏼❤ That last look with the black heels was just stunning btw! Loved it😍❤

    1. Hej Louise!! This is totally normal 😀 I did this at home too and was so embarrassed when my parents would in and be like “what are you doing???” LOL I know how you feel about being too shy! Sometimes we prefer to blend in and that’s okay too! I can say that I fell down the stairs once in high school because I had very high heels on which was completely unnecessary looking back because it was embarrassing! 😀 You have tons of years to be bolder with your choices 😉

  7. I’m definitely guilty of not caring what I wear and not caring how I look in public, unless I’m working. However, every bit if this is so true. Your passion for fashion is inspiring, Cybil! I might just start putting some more thought into my second skin. Looking forward to your next blog. xoxo

  8. Always love your fashion Cybil! That look with the brown top and white boots!!! so cute and so groovy ✨💕 Can’t wait to see more!

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