Inspired by Euphoria’s 17 Best Makeup Looks

The Hashtag “Euphoria makeup” has over 2.4 Billion views on TikTok as the makeup girlies order gemstones and recreate their favorite looks from the show.


The Euphoria makeup team is one of a kind. They have re-defined Gen Z make-up in the 2020s, but it’s not only Gen Zers that are influenced by the brilliant makeup looks.  #Euphoriamakeup has over 2.4 Billion views on Tik Tok to date as the makeup girlies from all ages and time zones are ordering tiny gemstones from Amazon and crafting their faces.

With all the focus on minimalist 90s glamour, I am so excited to see the maximalist makeup on Euphoria trending. With a focus on clean, glowing skin & natural bushy brows, the show’s head makeup artist Donny Davey creates exotic, vibrant eye looks meant to imitate. Just as the makeup is imperative to each character’s development, the looks are yours to play with- To harness the power of makeup and find your own wild, divine sense of self. 

Here are some of my favourite makeup looks from the show (as we not-so-patiently await a season 3 release date) which inspired me to try bolder shapes and eccentric colours on my own face. Rhinestones, glitter & graphic liner galore! 

Pro tip: if you do end up trying any of these looks, be sure to be extra careful when removing your rhinestones to not let them go down the sink. If you’re not going to save them to re-use, then be sure to put them in the bin! Typical makeup glitter is also made from plastic and is not biodegradable meaning it goes down the drain and ends up as tiny microplastics in our ocean (Read my article on Microplastics).  Be sure to get a biodegradable glitter, like the one created by Ganni and Submission so you can look good and feel good about taking care of the environment.

Let me know in the comments below which look you are dying to try. Enjoy!

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