How to Perfect the Red Lip

Dressing on theme is always appropriate for Valentine’s Day, that’s why you need to know my tips on how to perfect the red lip. I used Clarin’s Jolie Rouge Velvet lip color in Deep Red to achieve this look. Clarin’s is a brand I can stand behind behind because of their efforts for sustainability.

Making a Sustainable Beauty Choice

The Clarin’s brand has been fighting for the environment for many years. Sustainability is ingrained into the company’s core values and they are doing a lot of amazing things. Some of the highlights of the Clarin’s brand are their grassroots initiatives where they farm nurse trees and medicinal plants in local communities creating jobs and new eco-structures. 

Clarin’s never harvests endangered  plants and they follow international guidelines for environmental protection. They credit their success to the earth and its natural resources and work hard to preserve them. 

In the 1990’s, Clarin’s committed to preserving the nature of the Alpine region. 

Clarin’s has been tracking their carbon footprint since 2008- long before it became “trendy” to do so. This proves to me that this company has a real respect and concern for the environment.

63% of all Carin’s materials are recyclable which is part of their design process. 

Application for the Perfect Red Lip

I recommend letting a lip balm sit on your lips while. youdo the rest of your makeup before applying a bold lip. This will be sure that your lips are free from any distracting flakes or cracks. 

Keep the Makeup Simple

I’ve done natural makeup to keep the look looking modern and effortless. Gone are the days of excessive contour, ginormous lashes and liner. Keep the skin natural and glowing with a simple eye to highlight your natural features. 

Choosing the Right Red

The color I’ve used here is Deep Red, though on the website it looks a bit pink. This is a true blue red. When choosing a red lip, you should try to go for blue tones as they make your teeth look whiter. This is due to the contrasting colors of blue and orange. 

Remember that contrasting colors make each other stand out. Since teeth are usually more beige, then bright white, the contracting blue will make them appear whiter. Orange is much closer to yellow/beige on the color wheel which create a more monotone harmony- which is not something you want on your teeth.

Keep your Mouth Clean

I also think it’s criminal to not brush your teeth before putting on a bold lip! When you attract attention to your mouth, make sure it’s feeling fresh! 

Lipstick First, Then Liner

Start with the lipstick as it is hard to line on a blank space. Lining on your bare lips creates too much contract and makes it harder to see what shape you are creating. 

When it does come to lining, I don’t recommend over drawing much with a red lip of you might get a clown look. Work on perfecting the shape of your natural lip and correcting any asymmetry. 

Deepen Your Blush 

Finally, we need a stronger blush to suit our strong lip color. A lip with no blush will undoubtedly wash you out. I like to keep my blush the apples of cheeks because I think it suits my face best. A mix of nude and red blush is what I like because you can cater. the color to your skin tone. In the summer, I would take a brighter orange blush to highlight my tan. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tips to perfect the Red Lip this Valentine’s Day! 

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